Perfect World Entertainment

Perfect World Entertainment (or PWI) is one of the worlds largest MMORPGS to have been released. It is by far one of my favourite rpgs as there is a wide range of variety in classes and the animation style makes the game look realistic.

Races & Classes

There are 6 races which come with 2 playable classes, each with their own unique weapon/s and abilities. Not only that but, there is also a feature where you can customize your character to make them as unique as possible.


They are a race in which are not born, but revived, only when there is great danger. The Earthguard have risen from beneath the ground to help the other races prepare for the oncoming Armageddon. They protect using the powers of wood and metal. The earthguard race includes the mystic and seeker classes, mystic being a magic class and seeker a melee class.



Mystics are a magic class that uses their arsenal of wood skills as well as a set of summons (the summons will let you tap into other elements, such as metal and fire) and plants to attack, and their healing and defense skills to help themselves and their allies survive. Instead of taming their pets like the venomancer, the mystic has a fixed list of summons which they can summon using their skills. The mystics can also summon plants, which then stay where summoned and affect nearby targets automatically. Each of the summoned plants is used for a special purpose, from delivering damage, to AoE debuffs, to healing teammates. Even though the mystic is a good solo class thanks to their summons, they’re good team players as well, due to their various healing and support skills.



Seekers are a melee class, specializing in swords and dual blades. Their roles include support, damage dealing, AoE, and secondary tank. A seeker can use buffs to enhance his/her attacks, which include strong AoE attacks. With special skills, they can increase their defense level greatly for a period of time. They can also decrease target’s attack and defense level for a period of time. Seekers can place a special debuff on a target so the target(s) will receive additional damage and crit rate as well. They put themselves in harm’s way and also use buffs and debuffs to support the squad, especially the casters. While they mostly deal melee physical damage, they also have skills that inflict ranged and/or magical damage as well, setting them apart from most other melee classes.


The top of the food chain in their vast ocean domain, the Tideborn have returned after thousands of years of isolation from the mainland.

Life in the deep under tremendous constant physical pressure has made their bodies lithe, yet remarkably strong, making them perfectly suited for acrobatics and other impressive feats requiring precise body control. The quiet isolation inherent to deep-sea survival has also given them plenty of time to practice meditation and focus, allowing them to hone their minds to a near supernatural level. Though the natural form of the Tideborn calls to mind the mermaids and mer-men of legend, they’ve adopted a bipedal form for their return to the terrestrial world.

The Tideborn is a secretive, aquatic race with skills that Perfect World didn’t even know existed. They are a race that is deeply integrated with the ocean itself, and have been torn by war and internal conflict for many years.


A class that is good at sneaking around like a lion circling around its prey. Using bleed effects to finish off their enemies quickly, they certainly earn the title of “Assassin”. Assassins are rather fragile, but can quickly deal massive damage to an enemy. They have some debuffs which can allow them to survive for longer, such as stun and channel cancel.



Psychics are dark, just as mysterious as powerful spell casters. They posses the fastest channeling rate of all spell casters, have unique skills, massive damage and horrible for the enemy debuffs and reflection skills, this making their names being underlined in one’s list of feared players. They are not played often, as people think they are hard to play, this giving a pro for the ones playing psychics, as most people don’t know what they are doing. True, they are a bit complicated and experience-needing to be successful on the battlefield, but once one gets used to their psychic, they will be feared by a very large fraction of the entire server



Humans mainly reside in the Northern parts of Perfect World, but they can be found almost everywhere else too. The two human classes are blademaster and wizard. The starting town of the humans is Etherblade. Humans have no innate abilities unlike the untamed, which can turn into animals, or the winged elves, which can fly at level 1. Humans mainly use flying swords to fly and they can fly earliest at level 10 with the aerogear such as “Rose Gold Gourd”. At level 30 however, a free aerogear called “Gliding Heavens Sword”, is given from a quest.


The Blademaster is the melee damage dealer class. Always at the front of the battle, Blademasters can hold back a handful of players with their powerful AoE (Area of Effect) skills. Ranging between pure power, DOT (Damage Over Time), stunning, or pure speed, Blademasters have the greatest variety of all the characters in Perfect World International. Not only in skills, but also in weapon choice and stats. All of this makes the Blademasters the most creatively open class, which is also why it’s amongst the most popular.



Wizards are the ranged magical damage dealer class. Wizards enter the game relatively weak compared to other classes, and as they gain levels and skills, their performance improves dramatically. Wizards control three types of magic, of which they have damage and shields for. The fire path is the AoE (Area of Effect) path that also has a knock back skill and the only physical damage skill wizards have. The water path has buffs and three damage skills that can slow the enemy down. And last there’s the earth path which has debuff and stun skills.


Winged Elves

The winged elves were created from the blood of Pan Gu. They were intended to symbolize beauty, grace and purity. They are a kind race, willing to help in any time of need. Many live peaceful lives, surround by the forests and lakes to the Southwest of Perfect World. The two classes for this race is archer and cleric. The starting town for the winged elves is City of the Plume. The winged elves are the only race with the ability to fly from birth (which costs mana, making clerics the only class truly able to fly this early, since their mana regeneration is faster than the cost), while the other races must wait until level 30.


The Clerics are the main healing class of the game, and therefore are the most sought out in squads. Clerics also have buffs that can increase your physical and magical defense, make your attacks stronger, and make your HP and MP regenerate faster. Clerics can fly with their starting wings infinitely, as opposed to archers, who when they fly slowly use mana, therefore unable to fly for longer unless using mana potions or charms. Clerics use magic weapons such as wands, magic swords, patakas, and glaives.



Archers are the only class that specialize in long-range attacks that aren’t magic. Archers can use bows, crossbows, and slingshots, and are damage dealers. Archers are tied for the fastest class in the game, meaning that if all other classes were to run in a footrace (with no buffs or anything similar, such as a barbarian’s Tiger Mode) the archer would tie for first with assassins. The archers are also meant to be the guardians of the winged elf race. The archers ranged attacks are reduced when a mob (or player, in the case of PvP) comes too close, unless the archer uses skills that inflict metal damage.



Untamed are a race that evolved from animals when Pan Gu blessed them with the ability to think. The two untamed classes in Perfect World are the barbarian and the venomancer. The starting town of the untamed is The City of the Lost. The special thing about these classes are that they are gender specific. Untamed have the innate ability to shape shift into an animal, increasing their defense and unlocking a different set of skills. Untamed have a variety of beasts as aerogear, like birds, dragons, and other mythical creatures. Untamed can fly as early as level 10 with aerogear like “Razor Sting”. At level 30 however, players will get a quest which gives a free aerogear called “Wave Pacer”, which is a manta.


Venomancer is the untamed mage. Venomancers are the only class that can use captured pets to attack. Depending on the build, their defenses and HP varies. Most common is the caster build, where Venomancers use their magical skills. Venomancers have ability to turn into a fox, which gives them stronger physical attacks and debuffs. Some Venomancers choose to go pure foxform, which is very different build from the caster. Venomancers also have strong legendary pets, like Hercules and Blazing Phoenix. Hercules is a great tank, but a barbarian is usually better. Phoenix is a great pet for PvP. Venomancer’s role in a squad can differ really much depending on the situation. Venomancers can be lurers, damage dealers and debuffers, or tanks with a pet.



Barbarian is the untamed warrior. Barbarians specialize in melee attacks. They have high physical defense and HP, but their attacks do less damage than a blademaster. Barbarians have special ability to turn into a white tiger, which raises their physical defense and HP, but lowers attack. Barbarians are the best tanks in the game for physical attackers, but for certain bosses which use magical attacks, a magic-using class might be better for tanking. The role of barbarian in the squad is obviously tanking


Nightshade – Newest Race

Created by the son of Pan Gu, the Reapers once guarded the Celestial Vale. Bound to the life of the Divine Child, they defended him until he was mortally wounded in battle. With the last of his strength, the Divine Child freed the Reapers from his service and sent them to Perfect World. Now known as the Nightshades, they draw upon the power of the moon to battle evil in all its forms.


Duskblade: Swift and Dangerous combatants, they turn melee combat into a deadly dance with their Sabers.



Stormbringer: Wielders of ice and thunder magic, they use their scythes to channel raging storms against their foes.


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Have fun playing!

-Shower of Sunshine

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