5 Ways to Decrease Exam Stress

As like most things, exams can be really stressful as everything is being marked on this one test. Here are 5 ways to help relieve the stress of exams.

No. 1

Build a healthy work ethic.


Building a healthy work ethic will help you keep calm and remember more topics that are essential to passing your exams. Create a timetable of what you need to revise and do some revision every other hour. Allow yourself a break between so you can relax and not feel so stressed about problems you aren’t able to work out yet.

If you constantly do this your body will form a habit of knowing when to do work or not.

Feel free to print off a revision time-table template here

No 2.

Do different types of revision.


Don’t just sit and read the textbook for the whole hour, do mind maps, make flashcards,create tables. Keeping your brain active will help you remember vital pieces of information.

Do you work better by creating lists and going through problems?

Or do you prefer doing something more creative with your revision?


No 3.

Get help if you don’t understand.


Talk to your teachers if you don’t understand how to solve a certain problem. Ask your friends if they can help you. Don’t just sit there clueless about that specific topic or calculation. Everyone is stuck on at least one thing. Keep going over that area until you feel as if you have done your best.


No 4.

Push yourself



Don’t be afraid to attempt a question that is above your target grade as you can expand your knowledge and even get a higher grade. Maybe go over one of the problems with a friend or get your teacher to discuss it in class.


No 5.

Think positively about the subject.


We all have that subject that we just absolutely HATE. However, if you are interested in the subject, you are more likely to learn better. It is good to feel uncomfortable and unsafe as if you live life in your perfect bubble, reaching for the top will be almost impossible. Who knows, you might even learn something that could benefit you in the career path you want to be walking down.



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